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Why Hire Us | Personal Injury Lawyers Jefferson City MO

Why Hire Us?

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed due to someone else’s fault, you have only one chance to seek justice.  Hiring a law firm simply because you saw their ad on television or on the internet could cost you and your family the one chance you have.  You will not regret hiring the experienced attorneys at Clement, Van Ronzelen & Schulte. We represent our clients with intensity and are proud of our history of achieving successful results.  We invite you to ask us questions about our firm.

We Get Things Done

Our firm was founded on two guiding principles: intensity and excellence. Your case will not sit on a shelf while the insurance company prepares to defend your case.  We get to work from day one. Simply put, there is no time to waste. We will act immediately to start building your case. Unlike many lawyers you see on television or the internet, we do not take every case that walks through our door. We make sure our clients are the correct match for us as well as us being the right match for them. It is vitally important that we build and establish a mutual trust. If we take your case, that means we have the time, money and technology to put toward your case, starting from that first day. Our attorneys work directly with our clients. Your case becomes our cause.

We Listen to You

We work hard to ensure that you know, and we focus on the fact that your case belongs to you. We use our experience and skill to advise and guide, but you are the one who suffered a loss, and no one knows that better than you and your family.  We understand that. We promise that you will have our personal attention from the beginning. We will listen to you and always remember that we work for you.


Our attorneys’ commitment to intensity and excellence has resulted in outstanding results for our clients, producing millions of dollars being recovered. We are proud that our efforts allowed families to stay in their homes, children able to attend college, and our clients being able to get the medical attention they vitally needed to get better.  Click here to learn more about specific results our attorneys have produced over the years.

Reputation & Awards

Clement, Van Ronzelen, and Schulte attorneys have a statewide reputation for being zealous advocates with a high level of integrity. This reputation comes from decades of practice throughout Missouri. Our attorneys initially developed practice skills in St. Louis and Kansas City defending multinational companies, with some the largest firms in the state. Those legal skills have been refined and further developed over the last several decades through practice based in Jefferson City, but through both nationwide and local matters.

Our attorneys have received awards such as:

  • America’s Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys
  • Multiple Super Lawyer designations
  • Multiple Top Attorneys in Missouri & Kansas designations– as published in KC Magazine
  • Outstanding Young Lawyers designations
  • Defender of Patient Safety Award
  • Chairman of the Federal Practice Committee -U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri
  • Martindale-Hubbell Client Champion-Platinum designation

Our attorneys have been honored to be repeatedly requested speakers and teachers at continuing legal education events organized by the Missouri Bar and Cole County Bar Association in areas including personal injury litigation, nursing home negligence, mediation strategies in civil litigation, probate and estate updates, class action litigation.


Our purpose is to help others. Our CVRS team is uniquely equipped with certain talents and skills, to which we added years of education and legal training to put us in a distinctive position to provide exceptional service to our clients.

We pour our hearts and minds into every case we take. Our attorneys love what they do, and their passion shines through in our dedicated service. By hiring the attorneys at Clement, Van Ronzelen & Schulte, you are choosing a legal team who will work tirelessly on your case and make you a priority. Put us to work for you.