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$1.6 Billion Cole County jury verdict secured by trial team including Clement, Van Ronzelen & Schulte

One of the largest verdicts in Missouri history, $1,561,200,000.00 was awarded November 17, 2023, by a Cole County jury in a case presented by a trial team including Clement, Van Ronzelen and Schulte attorneys Matt Clement, Kari Schulte and Josh Moore.

Our firm fought alongside co-counsel from Forres Weldon Law Group in Texas to seek justice for 3 individuals who live in various places across the US. These individuals suffer Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma due to their use of Monsanto’s Round Up. Our clients are sick, living with pain and with permanent disabilities – but they joined hands to stand up to a huge corporation. A corporation that has gained to the tune of $100 billion on the back of its lethal product.

Overwhelming evidence was presented showing Monsanto knows Round Up causes cancer – and has known for decades. We are proud of the jury for standing up for our clients.

Monsanto hired an army of 100 attorneys and moved these Round Up cases to Jefferson City – looking for a rural venue. Our team was a tenth of theirs, but we didn’t bat an eye. We knew the people of this community would value life over money. Our clients are amazing people, who have suffered unimaginable pain. We were proud to fight for them. We are proud of our community for delivering justice.

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